Shinya Style is a multi disciplinary design studio specializing in fine art, interior, graphic, web, furniture  & fashion design. Colour, shape, proportion and texture is the life blood of our design process.  We work in a variety of mediums and use a variety of techniques in the development of our designs. Shinya is a self taught visual artist who moved from Toronto to Vancouver ten years ago. He has always had a passion for exploring the impact of color, form and design in all aspects of life. He has always been drawn to pursuits that allow him to explore these interactions.

He graduated from Humber College and continued his Interior Design education at Ryerson University where he obtained a Bachelor of Interior Design degree. Over the next few years he worked in New York, Osaka and Toronto, for a number of prestigious design firms including Yabu Pushelberg. 

In the late 90's looking for more creative control, Shinya started working independently while in New York. Over the next few years he built up a reputation of not only creating dynamic spaces through the effective use of form and color, but was well known for providing solutions to clients in innovative and cost effective ways.  As a child, he and his family travelled widely due to his fathers business. Shinya had the opportunity to see Europe, America and much of Asia. This experience really opened his eyes and made him a very open person. Shinya enjoys the creative process and loves to design and make beauty. Even as a teenager Shinya was drawn to after school jobs which were creative in nature. He worked in a barber shop as hair stylist, in a flower shop as a floral designer and in a cosmetic shop as a makeup artist. Being surrounded by four sisters really influenced him, in particular, his absolute joy in shopping. He often went shopping for clothes with his sisters and as result they turned him into a real shopaholic. So much so that his mother would preach to him, to stop buying so many clothes, cologne and shoes. But he absolutely loves mixing and matches clothes with different patterns and colours.  His interest in floral design blossomed as a child during summer vacations with his grandmother. Over the next twenty years floral design became an outlet for Shinya's creative energy, both Japanese style ikebana and western style floral design. Shinya's floral designs are inspired by the world we live in.  They reflect a mixture of both the line and form of Ikebana seamlessly blended with geometric shapes found in more traditional western style designs. It is not only his use of color and shape, but his use of space that makes his floral designs truly creative and breathtaking.   

Never one to limit himself to one artistic endeavour, Shinya has continued to expand his influences. These days he’s super busy with his design work, tea and fashion store and swim wear design. As Shinya “gets bored easily” he’s always thinking of new ideas and wants to continue to expand his company. He never tires of designing!

Youthful energy, enthusiastic use of color, a spirited, fresh perspective; all words that can be used to describe Shinya's work. He is an artist who exudes full confidence in his vision, deeply satisfying and empowering his viewers.

Art speaks of things that are difficult to describe or simply inexpressible in words.  Painting is an outlet for Shinya, it not only makes him calm and relaxed, but it also gives him the greatest joy in the world.  Shinya's background in interior and floral design has given him a unique vision, helping him to forge a new way of seeing through the imaginative use of color and form. He has also travelled extensively around the world, incorporating many ideas and artistic expressions from other cultures. Shinya's art is a celebration of these experiences and his desire to explore the human condition in its many forms.