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Introducing Shinya Style

Shinya Style is multi disciplinary design studio specializing in fine art, interior, graphic, web and furniture design. Colour, shape and proportion and texture is the life blood of our design process. We work in a variety of mediums and use a variety of techniques in the development of our designs.

At the core of Shinya Style is the artwork. Marked by its highly charged energy and explosive use of colour. It reflects the raw and intense emotions of love, passion, sensuality and joy combined with a distinctive vision which captures the soul and makes it truly original and unique. 

The original artwork created by Shinya Style covers a broad range of subjects from landscape to portrait, from still life to abstract. Not only does the subject matter vary, but there is a vast array of techniques used in their development. Highlighting the high level of skill of the artists and their mastery over the medium.

As a result, they have broad appeal from the entrepreneur, to the corporate manager all the way to the architect, art dealer and interior designer. The paintings of Shinya Style have gained international recognition. They can be found in the homes of many private and corporate collectors in the USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea and Europe.  

Shinya Style also provides a wide range of creative and development solutions, including site design, web development and branding services.

Recognizing an opportunity, Shinya Style opened a tea and fashion store to showcase our love of tea and fashion. Obviously we weren't the only ones with this passion, as we now have stores in Japan, Taiwan and Korea serving 80 kinds of cold and hot drinks such as the famous MaCha green tea, red bubble tea and the Okinawa brown sugar tea. Currently there are no plans to bring the stores to the North American or European markets, but we will continue to expand in to Australia and China in the future.

And if we weren't busy enough with all that, we are currently working on several underwear and swimwear designs that focus on the use of recyclable materials. Although, we are in the early stages of development, you can be sure that our designs will be loaded with high energy and reflect the intense emotions of passion, love, joy and play.

We are always seeking for licensees and manufacturers of high quality products and merchandise to build strong partnerships with. Shinya Style offers not only fine art for the collector and home decor industry, but offers also edgy modern imagery aimed to satisfy a younger, professional and contemporary segment.