Shinya Style Art Rental Program enables anyone; individual and/or corporate entities to rent original artwork at an affordable cost.

The program is affordable, flexible and easy to understand.

What can be rented? 

  • Any of the original paintings created by Shinya Style are available for rental.

What are the rental periods? 

  • You many rent for a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 12 months, rental fees are tax-deductible for business, purchased art is also appreciable as a business expense.

What are my responsibilities?

  • By renting the artwork, you agree to hang and care for the artwork with the intention of returning it in the same condition as it was leased. All artwork is one of a kind and cannot be resold or rented if damaged.
  • All artwork must be paid in full if its damaged in any way

How do I start?

  • All that is required to start is fill in the rental application form. Available here

What happens when my rental period is finished? 

Upon completion the client can either

  • keep the work longer
  • replace the work with a new piece
  • return the work
  • purchase the work
  • All renters will be granted a seven day grace period after the expiry date shown on the rental agreement to return the works rented from Shinya Style. 

    If at the end of business on the seventh day in the grace period the works have not been returned, Shinya Style will consider this explicit consent from the renter to automatically renew the rental contract for an additional one month period under the same terms and conditions of the rental agreement and the rental return policy, starting the day following the expiry date on the previous rental contract.

    The full amount for the one month rental plus any applicable taxes will be applied to the clients credit card.

    What does it cost? 

    Rentals are based upon the existing retail value of the work and are calculated at 10% of the value of the work per month. So for example a work priced at $1500 will rent for $150 per month. Costs for delivery and installation are the responsibility of the client.

    Can I purchase the work? 

    You can purchase the work at anytime for the retail price less up to months rental fees, plus any applicable taxes.

    Are there any other fees or charges? 

    In most instances there are no other fees or charges except applicable taxes. 

    Please note that the art provided is quoted on an "as is basis". Costs associated with modifying art to suit a clients particular circumstances, such as changing frames on paintings, are additional to the rental fee and shall be billed in full to the client. These costs are not recoverable upon purchase or cessation of the rental agreement.

    Other requirements? 

    The client needs sufficient insurance to cover the full retail value of the art. We may at our discretion ask for proof of insurance. 

    The client is responsible for ensuring that the art is returned in the same condition as it was delivered.

    Check out our Showroom for ideas on how to display our work